El viernes 12 de marzo la obra de teatro El enjambre abre la programación escénica Invierno-Primavera 2021. Las entradas podrán adquirirse a partir del martes 9 de marzo por Internet y en taquilla.

Salma Hayek Nude

The Salma Hayek nude video was leaked after she was robbed in Mexico. Hayek was not very popular in the US at the time, but it has made the actress famous worldwide. She is pictured in various poses and shows off her perfect boobs. Watch the video for yourself and get inspired! Also, check out the naughty pictures of salma hayek nude in Scandal Planet!

Salma Hayek is sexy beyond her years! In 'Frida,' the legendary actress poses nude on the beach for the first time. This scene is so hot, we've even included close-ups of her face. The second nude sex scene is also a good one, as Salma shows off her beautiful nude boobs.

The latest Salma Hayek nude footage has caused a stir in the tabloid business. While people are assessing whether the photos are real, there's no denying that the actress is sexy AF. Her hot boobs have been spotted in movies such as Desperado (1996) and Frida (2002), and her nude photos have been circulated on the internet like wildfire!

La venta de localidadades para cada uno de los espetáculos comenazará el martes inmediatamente anterior a la representación. 

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