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Ancient Egyptian Sex

While most modern-day cultures do not focus on Egyptian sex, many ancient cultures regarded masturbation as a part of the creation process. Pharaohs, for example, would perform ritual masturbation along the banks of the river Nile. The goal of masturbation was to have the semen flow down the river, where it would be carried along by the water and represented fertility and worldly harmony. It is believed that masturbation pleased the Egyptian sex deity Atum, the creator of the world.

The ancient Egyptians considered orgasm as a natural state that could rejuvenate oneself and a partner. The power of the orgasm could be harnessed through sexual ankhing. The ankh conduit was an effective method of guiding energy back into the spine. The result is a deeper level of energy and a more satisfying experience for both parties. In modern-day Egypt, this technique is commonly used by gay men seeking an exciting and sensual experience.

The ancient Egyptians exhibited no specific limits on their sexual activities, with many artistic scenes hinting at intercourse. Children and servants were often depicted in near the bed, and the Egyptians believed animal sexual genitalia to promote youth. Ancient Egyptians practiced fetishism and erotic dancing, as well as circumcision and fetishism. Nose kissing was also popular. These rituals may have been a part of Egyptian life, but it is unclear how much they were practiced.